FlyProducts Race C


The Rider Race C with Fly 100 engine has the centrifugal clutch and is available, with electric starter as well. Its thrust with a 125 cm propeller is 54 kg. The total weight including harness is 21.5 Kg.

Product Description

The FLY Products Race C paramotor is the perfect balance between weight, power and portability. It is the ideal paramotor for the light to medium weight PPG pilot (recommended for pilots up to 200 lbs.). FLY Products Race C Light (manual starter / centrifugal cluth) and Race C Deluxe (manual starter and electric starter with centrifugal clutch) are the two versions of this magnificent paramotor.

The Vittorazi Fly 100 Evo engine is the most reliable and powerful 100 cc. engine of the market today. Bullet-proof gear drive centrifugal clutch and its fully dismountable cage and main frame (same as Kompress) make things easy when transporting the unit inside a hard suitcase to places outside your local flying field.

The engine is cooled by a turbine fitted between the cylinder and head. The gear drive consists of oil lubricated gears, with high speed bearings and oil guards in VITON. Its centrifugal clutch can be adjusted to enhance the initial thrust of the propeller.


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