Green Eagle Flying Package Paraglider Trike Quad


Free Lodging at our airfield, hanger 18, Training as low as $800.00. Quad or trike same price. New colors ,more power, best warranties, More safety.

Product Description

The First mass produced 4 stroke, wheel launched PPG

Get the most complete and safest personal aircraft in America.  We are thousands less than the competition with certified wings available in our kit prices up to 4K below US competition and 7K below international. Call for you custom built aircraft for any altitude.

  • 245 + LBS of thrust at 3200 RPMs
  • 4-stroke gasoline engine
  • Portable – no trailers needed for transport
  • FAR 103 compliant
  • Trike/Quad formation – no foot launch
  • Safety designed frame of superior aircraft metals
  • Expertly hand crafted

The craft you are viewing is the trike (3 wheels) version Quad Option Free.

Brakes in most cases are not needed if equipment is used for intended purpose.

Many pictures you will see on news releases are the 4 wheeled LX Green Eagle fully loaded, or quad front end.

Your trike is FAR 103 legal meaning gas version total weight is less than two hundred pounds, add 20 pounds for propane if using a steel bottle. (additional propane kit required.) Total allowed weight not to include fuel for the USA is 254 lbs to stay under licensing laws.

Call or email for additional options 1-210-724-5086. Save thousands on this unit compared to the current market PPG trikes and 4-stroke units

  • The gasoline Green Eagle does not need oil mixed gas because it is a custom modified 4 stroke DFX61 Engine.
  • Just 87 octane from the pump and fly for 4 hours on one tank full, or 2 hours on our UK version 14 liter tank.
  • On propane fly for 3.5 hours with time to spare, its better for the environment, cleaner, quieter, 110 Octane, altitude friendly, and doesn’t varnish your carburetor if you are not flying for a while.
  • Our unit has the lowest maintenance of any professionally manufactured unit on the market based on hi torque larger cubic inches and low RPMS not like the competition running over 7,000 RPMswith small engines at 400 cc and less.
  • It is quite and very modern with cutting edge design and engine mounting systems to include patent pending propane delivery systems.
  • Our craft has many first that have not been in the market due to the expense.
  • The Green Eagle is a three year project with many companies coming together to make a complete flying Kit that is easy to assemble and low cost to ship.

There are no rough edges on this Eagle.

Green Eagle Aviation is the only company in the world to offer such an advanced, safe craft with low cost to fly.  Our engine is designed to run at 3,700 RPMs for 3000 hours on gas.

Your New Green Eagle is State of the art cutting edge technology from the powder coating, the engine, safety in flight, CG, and overall design.

  1. Your feet and legs are protected by the frame for flying take off and landing in the trike configuration with the only full body row cage personal aircraft on the market.
  2. Axle length is 7 feet to accommodate new pilots while training and learning to fly.  Once you learn you can cut down the axle length.  We recommend no less than 5.5 feet. This will keep you from flipping over when learning to taxi with your wing.
  3. Optional disk Hydraulic brakes for only 183.00 that also act as parking breaks.


Additional info:

  1. Total unit weight at 234 lbs.
  2. Front end is limited to 20 degree steering preventing a flip over and not allowing over steer from the pilot.
  3. A 1.5 inch Chrome Molly steel axle with 1.250 spring rod suspension at over 20,000lbs tensile strength, gives soft landings and great independent suspension.
  4. Our main frame aluminum is .125 inch thick wall 1.5 inch diameter, Drawn over mandrel seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum.
  5. Our Frame Brackets are T-7075 heat treated Air craft aluminum.
  6. Advance wing launch system set at 15 degree natural angle.  Attach your wing to a 26,000 pound double shear strength quick disconnect attachment points for ultimate safety.
  7. A riser bearing and attachment system allowing no riser rubbing. This allows the wing to rotate for launch much quicker while preventing wear in the risers.
  8. Over 220 pounds of thrust at only 2900 RPMS on the Propane engine.
  9. Over 245 LBS of thrust on the Gas version at 3200 RPMs with up to 300lbs of thrust with propeller and engine mods.
  10. 5 part take down cage and quick release axles.
  11. Designed to fit in the back of any small or large pickup truck.
  12. Can be used with the easy launch system or wheelchair ramp on a car with out disassembly.
  13. Comes with highly modified and reliable 4 stroke engine the new DFX61.
  14. Has 7 pounds more torque at 2,900 RPMs  than a $10,000 dollar Rotax 582 running at 6,000 RPMs
  15. Your basic maintenance (oil change and Plugs) is every 100 hours verses a 300 hour rebuild for many expensive 2 stroke engines.
  16. Green Eagles fuel per hour is 1.250 gallons or less depending on flying habits where the closest 2 stroke uses up to 3 gallons of hi test fuel per hour with an additional oil mix.
  17. The Green eagle is ¼ the cost per hour to fly verses competitive craft.

Why the Green Eagle

  1. Your green Eagle is as much as 8,000 US dollars lower cost that foreign units with the same or lower thrust.
  2. Our Green Eagle is 100% made in the USA with 8 US companies involved in its production, so you are not paying in Euro Dollars adding up to 40% in cost .
  3. The US dollar makes our craft a great investment for foreign markets and the same for US customers who want local service.
  4. The Propane Tri-FuelGreen Eagle is cheaper, quieter and more reliable not to mention much more environmentally friendly.
  5. The propane Green Eagle will not spill gasoline on you or the environment.
  6. Our Propane or fuel injected Green Eagle is not altitude sensitive like any carbureted 2 stroke engines.
  7. Our safety row cage will give you full body protection
  8. The Green Eagle has 6 inches of seatand leg adjustment. Allowing for very tall pilots over 6 foot 5 inches  to fly comfortably.
  9. The Green Eagle comes standard with a 4 point harness along with a proven seat with upper body and lower body protection.
  10. Our Air craft aluminum is thick wall, drawn over mandrel, and seamless, making it expensive, but safer and stronger.
  11. There are no airframe welded parts.  The only welded parts are the Chrome molly Font end and rear end, and propeller cage support.   The steel is then normalized in the ovens you see on our website.  Having bolted aluminum makes an aircraft much stronger when dealing with aluminum.
  12. Your Green Eagle is quieter than any competing trike on the market.
  13. There is so much more, fly one to feel the command of the Air that only Green Eagle can give.


We can list many more reasons why your Green Eagle is simply the best dedicated trike or quad on the market.  Don’t take our word for it fly one for your self.


Prima was born in the early 1990’s. Since then thousands have been delivered, faithfully serving in paragliding schools all over the world.

Probably the longest produced classic trainer – it is equally well suited for teaching free flying and perfect for entry level paramotoring.

Now this classic wing has been modernised once again – the 4th version of the wing has been released on the market. The wing is exactly the same as before, but now with Flexon™ batten system , pioneered by APCO – installed across L/E (today standard on entire APCO range).

Prima IV also features improved flare and adaptability for paramotor flying. The canopy is also more rigid (no tip movement), with redesigned, modern handling – direct and responsive in comparison with past designs.

The rest of Prima specifications remain the same. As always, produced from bomb proof, indestructible Gelvenor cloth combined with heavy duty lines, to ensure long lasting life.

Second generation Gelvenor cloth is much improved – as durable as ever, but significantly lighter without sacrificing any of its famous qualities (you will be surprised by how light it is) The direct benefit of the new Gelvenor is its contribution to even further improved launch and safety – making Prima IV equally well adapted for free flying schooling or paramotor training.

Many schools are amazed, unbelievably witnessing the years of service Prima IV can deliver. All this for a little cost – specially designed to be affordable for all. As a schooling/entry level glider it is still the best investment on the market.


Or Choose a Paratoys 2 Glider: ParaToys II Paraglider

25m, 28m, 30m, 33m | $2195.00

36m | $2495.00

42m Tandem | $2895.00

The ParaToys glider makes the new PPG pilot or the advanced pilot look great with it’s super easy launching abilities. This is the easiest launching glider ever made for Powered Paragliding! Once in the air you will love this glider’s handling, but still have the safety of a DHV 1 based glider.The Paratoys paraglider is  fully certified in the Afnor Standard category
(beginner/intermediate rated/certified in our size 28)

  • Super easy launching in no wind conditions
  • Single A’s for easy riser handling both in forwards and reverses
  • Sewn in super strong rare earth magnets for no collection of debris and positive brake hook up
  • Excellent centering graphics make launching so easy
  • Heavy lines for paramotoring
  • Clearly marked A and D risers
  • Swivels on brake lines to prevent tangling
  • High quality Brake pulleys
  • Very high in flight visibility for pilot safety
  • Clean crisp turning and high energy flair landings
  • Highest quality of materials
  • Two year warranty*

The wings above are only two popular choices of wings available in the Green eagle Kit Package deal.  Call to day to reserve your dream today.  There has never been a package deal this good.

Please be advised that with 200+ pounds of thrust you can travel well over 65 miles an hour on land.  The Green Eagle is not intended for this purpose but we hear what people do.  Please use the aircraft for its intended purpose as an FAR 103 compliant Kit Ultra light. 

You do not need a license to fly this craft but you do need to exercise caution, and common sense around a spinning propeller and or flying.  

Seek out an instructor for flying.  If you do not know of one call us.  Please note that this is an air craft and flying of any kind not unlike driving has apparent risk.

We at Green Eagle or any manufacturers contracted to include employees and Dealers of Green Eagle are held harmless of any injuries caused your decisions in choosing to Fly.  We have placed many safety features in the Green Eagle but we cannot plan for lack of intelligence or bad decision making as to weather conditions or obtaining proper instruction. 


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