ProPulse 185 cc Powered Paraglider. PPG


Paramotor suitable for pilot weight from 130 lbs. to 285 lbs. Equipped with a Vittorazi Moster engine of 25 HP 185 cc.manual starter, Walbro 37 carburetor, Airbox, chromed tune pipe exhaust with an extra muffler (silencer), start/stop switch and adjustable cruise control.

Product Description

ProPulse 185 cc

Your trike is FAR 103 legal meaning gas version total weight is less than two hundred pounds, add 20 pounds for propane if using a steel bottle. (additional propane kit required.) Total allowed weight not to include fuel for the USA is 254 lbs to stay under licensing laws.

Call or email for additional options 1-210-724-5086. Save thousands on this unit compared to the current market PPG trikes and 4-stroke units

  • Our craft has many first that have not been in the market due to the expense.
Additional info:

    Our Frame Brackets are T-7075 heat treated Air craft aluminum.
  1. The Green eagle is ¼ the cost per hour to fly verses competitive craft.

We can list many more reasons why your Green Eagle is simply the best dedicated trike or quad on the market. Don’t take our word for it fly one for your self.


Or Choose a Paratoys 2 Glider: ParaToys II Paraglider

25m, 28m, 30m, 33m | $2195.00
36m | $2495.00
42m Tandem | $2895.00

The wings above are only two popular choices of wings available in the Green eagle Kit Package deal. Call to day to reserve your dream today. There has never been a package deal this good.

Please be advised that with 200+ pounds of thrust you can travel well over 65 miles an hour on land. The Green Eagle is not intended for this purpose but we hear what people do. Please use the aircraft for its intended purpose as an FAR 103 compliant Kit Ultra light.


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