Never take an instructors word that they are qualified to teach Powered Paragliding. In the United States, PPG (powered paragliding) is unregulated, which means anyone can call themselves an ‘official instructor’ – even if they have only flown once before in their life!

The burden is on the student thus to pick an appropriate instructor. So please, don’t take our word that we know what we’re doing, our clients over the past 13+ years will happily speak for us!

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[symple_testimonial by=”Andrew Just – Ontario, Canada”]Ashton takes his training to the next level. His recent military experience means his training is America’s best, and he does a perfect job of translating this to his students. He is patient, and amazing with translating his knowledge to his students. I feel extremely calm and safe whenever I’m flying with him!  [/symple_testimonial]

[symple_testimonial by=”Susan Goods – Miami, Florida”]US Paragliding taught my husband how to fly, and he had such a rewarding experience with them, he decided to get me lessons for my birthday. We eventually bought equipment, and are now frequent fliers! Thank you, Ashton.  [/symple_testimonial]

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